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ABS PS PMMA PC Sheet Making Machine


ABS PC PMMA PS Sheet Making Machine



1.ABS、HIPS/GPPS Refrigerator board
It has wide application in the production of the refrigerator doors and inner gallbladder, drawers, water dispensers, etc.
2.ABS/PMMA Sanitaryware plate
It is widely applied in the field of bath products, such as the bathtub, the shower cabinet, the vapor room, washing bowl, etc.
3.ABS/PC Baggage plate
It is mainly applied in the field of draw-bar boxes, luggage cases, recreation bags, etc.

4.ABS、ABS + PC Car plate
It is mainly used to produce tops of cars and buses, instrument boards, backrests, car doors, window frames, shells of motorcycles, golf vehicles, etc.



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